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Finding the Right Perspective

I know this sounds like a terrible cliche’ but for me, having the right perspective just puts things into the right places. It helps you to somehow respond in such a way that feels right, not being filled with guilt. I know not all people would agree to some of your actions, but I’m pretty sure, that the simple act of seeing things correctly enables one to look, if not good, but consistent in the eyes of others.

I myself believe I found the right perspective on my education. For those of you who don’t know yet, I study in UPLB, but did not pass their dreaded admission exam which was the UPCAT. I know for some of you, you see me now as this UP wannabe, but who cares. This experience was very humbling for me as it is displeasing to some.

But thank God he did not let me pass that exam. If I passed, my grades may not have been as good as it is right now, for I am a pretty average student who merely relies on effort, not on intelligence. As you can see, for someone to survive in our university, you should possess either of these two: intelligence (which includes diskarte, I believe) or hard work. And since I belonged in the latter, passing the exam means I need not to rely on my effort, because most probably, I’ll believe I passed because I was intelligent.

Education is not a trophy we should brag about; it does not entirely measure our achievements. Studying in UP, for me, is not an achievement. It has become more of a privilege, after being admitted through reconsideration. And this fear, of having this privilege taken off from me, pushed me to believe I need to give more effort than anyone else who is studying in our university.

Seeing my education as a privilege brought me to places I thought I never could see, like ending my first year as a college scholar. I know the first year is quite easy and not challenging at all, and I might have some failing marks the following semesters; but armed with this perspective, I remain grounded and willing to accept the challenges the university has to give me. I may fail, but as long as I learn from it, I think I still have that privilege. Learning, after all, is best earned by experiences (specifically bad ones).

I am not an intelligent student, for I believe there are many people who are way brighter than me. A thousand miles brighter, I believe. The only thing I’m armed with is the right perspective, and of course, a loving God who faithfully guides me through all these things.

Find that view of life where you think it feels right. Because once you looked at the wrong side, you’ll end up struggling, drowning in sheer confusion. In confusion there is chaos, the opposite of order, and the result of not looking at things in the right perspective.

Dove hired a forensic artist to draw how women see themselves versus how others see them - the results are moving.

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So far, this summer has been pretty boring. All I did was to watch Fairy Tail (which is a very good anime by the way) and to contemplate whenever I’m left alone in the house. The same, repetitive cycle just seems to make me feel so unproductive.

The loneliness our home brings without almost anybody but my grandfather and cousin consumes me, just like what darkness does to a room once it’s light has been taken off.

Anyways, I shall stop dramatizing about all of these shit I’m feeling. I guess all I need right now is someone to talk to, which is another problem, to be honest. I assume this is because I constantly keep myself away from people. This is due to the poor treatment most people have given me way back in elementary and high school.

But in return, I feel so lonely and so empty. As if I have no idea what more can I do with my life. Oops. Okay, I shall go now.

Lord, bakit po ang gwapo ni Mikael Daez? :(

  • Me: seriously though its time to pull my shit together
  • Me *7 months later: seriously though its time to pull my shit together
Talent shows right now.

Talent shows right now.

I’ve come to eat you.

I’ve come to eat you.

My boredom right now signals how bored I will be this coming summer. Pssh.

there is a difference between people who are smart and people who get good grades

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So my young, little bitch (Martina) is pregnant. I actually think of it as an early and unwanted pregnancy because it seems that only half a year has just passed since we adopted her from a neighbor. Too bad she got into sex that early (I think she was raped too).

Anyways, our household feels apprehensive right now for she kept on scratching the ground as if she’s signaling that there’s this desperate need to find a shelter for her puppies. And the bad thing is, our kitchen might become a mess if she inevitably goes into labor while waiting for her food. That would not be nice.